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just mumbling

Posted on 2012.04.22 at 23:16
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Looks like I won’t be going to Castle Keep this Friday, so no clambering around in a medieval castle in the middle of Newcastle. My knees will like me! Medieval castles are not the best place for people with bad knees, all those steps! I’m guessing going on Pack Holiday and tramping around torturing Brownies on the Night Line didn’t help. The Night Line was down on the flood plain and the hill between Waddow Hall and the river is somewhat steep, well they use for grass sledging for a reason!
I seem to have gained a hat, a fur lined ‘Russian’ styled thing that was all the rage last winter, black with sequins. So far nobody has come forward to claim it.

been busy

Posted on 2012.04.17 at 19:43
These hobbies of mine seems to be taking up more and more time. After returning to the Stork Hotel (again) I left Leigh Paranormal and, with a group of friends who were also bored with the direction it was taking, formed Ghost Encounters Paranormal Society. Since then we have been to Penrhyn Old Hall, Heysham Old Hall, Castle Keep in Newcastle and Grace Dieu Priory. We'll be at Morecambe Winter Gardens for a ghost hunt at the end of this month, we were there about a month ago for a photo shoot for the Morecambe Visitor (local newspaper).
Castle Keep is a medieval castle keep, what a lot of stairs! The Priory is, unfortuantely, a ruin. Just for the fun of it, and as we had nothing on one weekend, we visited Liverpool Castle at Rivington, there's more there than at the Priory.
I was away over the easter weekend with 34 Brownies, needless to say there was another 8 Guiders with me! We were on a Pack Holiday at Waddow Hall. The weather was with us for most of the time, but we did have to have an indoor campfire.
I have been sorting out my stories, trying to get them into approximately 3000 word chapters. Have decided to look into this e-publishing, and see if I can get on the bandwaggon.
I've also been busy updating my other blog, with a little more luck than I have with this one! My latest offering there is; http://paranormalcoffeefriends.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/orbs-what-are-they.html

Are you sitting down!!!

Posted on 2011.05.23 at 22:01
Right, now I’m going to give everyone who knows my blogging history a really good laugh --- I’ve been asked to write a blog for Leigh Paranormal!

What should I put in that I wonder? What we've been up to, what we're going to do I guess, talk about the equipment we use, strange things we've tried and so on I guess.

So what can I put on here? What I've been up to! Well it's time to plan the summer play scheme. We're having a safari theme this year, so it's animal based crafts, games, sily songs ...

Then there's the Brownies; we've been to Leigh Library for an activity day, we're going to the World Museum Liverpool during the next holidays and Leigh Library for a Saturday morning craft session. Then in the summer hols. we'll be off to West Kirby Beach as well as running through summer as usual.

Posted on 2011.02.08 at 23:52
gosh ... err... yes I am here ... errr....
I've got a horny corn snake with one think of his mind. He had his winter's half sleep and now ..
well you can guess the rest!

Spring, sunshine and all sorts

Posted on 2010.04.21 at 14:29
Spring is here, with it comes the sun, the pollen, the runny eyes, the bunged up nose, the sunglasses permanently fixed in place while I'm outside to try and avoid headaches and I've got to up the amount of water I drink as that seems to help keep the headaches away too.

The dandelions are growing, Robin Redbreast has a friend. Ms Wood-pigeon doesn't want to know while Mr Blackbird can't make his mind up which girl he wants, while the Blue tits, Great tits and Chaffinches are already in pairs. Havok the corn snake is eating again, although I end up hand feeding him as he will try to eat his mouse from the middle and wonder why he can't get it into his mouth. Well he is a Creamsickle, pale lemon coloured with darker bands = blond! It's even been warm enough to take them out on the grass for a short while. To the delight of the local children they left calling cards, it saves cleaning it out of their tanks!

I've been to Allerton Hall with Ghosttours and Leigh Paranormal. We had a meal to start with, so it was a bit more of a night out. The Hall is a working pub now and is being refurbished (gutted and rebuilt old), still we had fun. Got a few more pictures of 'orbs'. (Dust, moisture, digi camera putting stuff in because of the flash, whatever, but let's call them that for ease). The glass on the table session we did in the family dining room area was interesting; the glass kept twisting on its own lengthways axis and no we weren't turning it or pushing it to make it move.
None of the 'answers' can be checked up on though, so I can't say it proves anything really.

We have an investigation booked for May in what is now Leigh Superbowl. Part of this building is new, part of it comprises the old fire station and some of it is built on an old graveyard that had been de-sanctified and used to build on, (I think it could have had some of the old indoor market on it). We're having food first again, and a game of bowls, then once the place is shut to the public we can explore.

life, wild life, paranormal ...

Posted on 2010.03.27 at 15:52
It’s about time I updated this blog, well it’s more of a none blog than anything; three months into the year and I’ve not written anything for four.
So what’s new:
Shinobi lives on on Google earth, she was sitting on the path outside our garden when the camera van went passed.
Havok and Puget the corn snakes now both have proper heat lamps and very protective of them they are. Havok hasn’t eaten since January, but then he is four years old and ruled by urges that he’s not going to get relived as every little baby snake would need its own vivarium, heat mat and lamp… ££££! Furthermore it appears they are staying here when C@ returns to uni in September.
I’ve seen a real live fox, not on the TV but while standing in my own house and looking out into the back garden. It was back again today, one day I will get a photo of it.
The grey squirrel has a liking for chocolate muffins! I had speared an old one on the ‘bird tree’ a small Buddleia Globosa for the birds but squirrel took a nibble, glared at me through the window, then picked the muffin off the twig and ran off with it. He is back every day to see what goodies have been put out. Mrs Squirrel must be in a nest (dray) somewhere as he often takes chunks of food away. The blue tits don’t like sharing the food with the long tailed tits and will try to chase them off, but are often outnumbered.
I’m now a member of LPIT, Leigh Paranormal Investigation Team. I’ve been on two investigations so far; I haven’t heard any spooky laughter or had anything thrown at me, (we’re not like a certain TV show – we don’t manufacture results; if there’s nothing there, there’s nothing there.) I’ve got a few photos that could be orbs, if you believe in those, but then again they could be dust caught in the flash. I’ve sat in the auditorium of what is now the Thomas Burke, it was once the Hippodrome and the Classic cinemas, and felt absolutely nothing then been down the old cellar under the ramp and felt the air in the room behind the dividing wall fizz with energy, I’ve walked into a little side room and felt a secretive someone, then been taken back into that room and felt that someone’s annoyance at being disturbed twice.
Do I believe in ghosts? I don’t know. Do I believe in energies that remain or return? Yes, I’ve felt them. But I do know, it’s nice being with a group of people who don’t think I’m nuts for saying things like that.

Posted on 2009.11.04 at 21:11

Just thought I'd write something.

Just to prove I can.

Posted on 2009.08.07 at 23:45
Current Location: in front of my computer
Current Music: the soundof bubbles bursting in a can of cola
Our Brownies went to West Kirby beach on Thursday and had a glorious time. Two buses and two trains each way and all for £6.60 each [child's price]. High tide was at 11.15hrs so when we got there about 30 minutes later it was well on the turn but we got to paddle. Technically we didn't go beyond the point where the water was over our knees, as Girlguidinguk class that as swimming, but the girls managed to get absolutely sopping wet by lying, rolling and crawling in the sea.
Then it was picnic time followed by an afternoon of digging and building sandcastles. By home-time everyone had dried out though they were rather sandy and their uniforms weren't quite as pristine as they'd started out. We didn't get a single complaint on the way home even when they had to stand for part of the journey out of Liverpool as the train, a later one than we've caught before, was so packed.
We had no problems on that very steep escalator going from Lime street Station down to the Wirral line. However, some of the girls were a little concerned that the water would come into the train [on the Wirral line] because the windows were open and if they'd be able to hold their breath for long enough as we went under the river. Yes the ones who'd come with us last year were teasing the first timers just like we'd teased them last year and, no doubt, they will tease the new ones next year just the same.
We had a couple of girls who hadn't been to the seaside before with us; they were amazed to find the sand was wet, that the water [sea] moved and that if you dug a deep enough hole water miraculously appeared at the bottom of it.

A most terrible complaint

Posted on 2009.07.24 at 23:34
Yesterday was Brownie time. We went to Italy. Well ok we didn't really go anywhere but we did have an Italian night, with a spaghetti 'baby bird' feeding game - much mess but hard floor and sweeping brush soon fixed that - trying to speak Italian, a hunt the ingredients for an Italian meal game, to finding all sorts of things Italian from the leaning tower of pisa and the colosseum to pasta, pizza, feraris, etc., and colouring the Italian flag in the correct colours to tasting Italian food products - olive oil, ciabatta, plum tomatoes, bread sticks and cheese.
The girls seemed to enjoy it. their only complaint ... we ran out of tomatoes!

Cats, people...

Posted on 2009.07.15 at 23:30
Shinobi [cat] has been sitting in the sunshine, guarding the footpath which is a very important job, she is now black at the front and turning ginger in the rear.

One nice person has decided she has volunteered on the play scheme. However the first thing I knew about it was 09.30ish this morning when she came round and demanded three places on the trip to Camelot theme park. She saw me on the bus this afternoon and had a go at me because no one she had already harangued would say she could go; one, the Treasurer, had even asked this person if she'd volunteered her services to me ['cos she knew she hadn't].
She expressed her disappointment at my turning her down by lots of loud protestations across the bus without bothering to let me say anything, so I didn't bother.
If she had I would have explained that:
a, we have too many adult volunteers already and have had to decline the services of some who did volunteer months ago. That is before they knew there was any trips planned and not two days after her grandchildren had booked onto the trip but no other activities I hasten to add.
b, Camelot only allow one free adult for so many children into the park when booked in as a party. I refer you to the above.
c, she wants to bring her hubby with her. He is a diabetic who, if she is to be believed, can't be left for the day in case he has one of his frequent episodes that require medical intervention. Because of this, this man cannot be counted in the child/adult ratios, so for child protection and insurance purposes has no reason to be there. He is not CRB'd so would have to be fully supervised. If he is as ill as she claims, she would be there as his carer; carers cannot be counted in child/adult ratios. So she would have no reason for being there.
d, the criteria for deciding which volunteers get to go on the trip this year was based on the number of play scheme sessions the volunteer attended last summer. There were no trips out last year so she didn't volunteer to help at a single session. Some of the people whose services I have had to decline were at 99% of the sessions.

This lady does volunteer at a lunch club, not that the lunch club has anything to do with the play scheme they are two separate entities, but this lady and her husband are always on those trips.
She can scream and shout. She's not going unless she pays £5.00 per coach seat and for their entry into the theme park. She won't, she wants a freebie. And, should she decide her grandchildren aren't going, their places had to be paid for on booking on a non returnable basis. And that was in plain black print in the parents information sheet that was attached to the booking form.

Ok I'll stop muttering now

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